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zAlliance Members

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Petr Korolev - Tech lead | Blockchain architect

12 years of experience in the IT/Blockchain industry, expert in Blockchain scalability solutions, ETH-based applications in various industries, Zero Knowledge concept development, Plasma Protocol implementation and cryptography.

Roman Semenov - zkSNARK Researcher | Backend Developer

Blockchain researcher and developer, the winner of several ETHGlobal Hackcthons. Co-founder of RedHelper Company and Viking Studio. Roman has huge experience and participated in such blockchain projects as Token MultiSender (official bridge between ETH and ThunderCore), Tornado Mixer, zDai and Plasma Implementation.

Igor Gulamov - Researche and Developer | ETHusiat

The author of architecture and zkSNARKs circuits, the winner of several ETHachathons. Previously worked as CTO at BANKEX Foundation where has developed such protocols as PoA Protocol, ERC888, . Has experience working at Plasma Protocol. Moreover, Igor is the author of multiple notes at (Plasma, zkSNARKs) and of anonymous trasnactions spec and circuit for Waves.

Alex Lebed - Founder at StableUnit | Former Engineer at Amazon, Facebook | Researcher at

Expert in price-stable cryptocurrencies, post-quantum cryptography, VR/AR and has a strong experience in tech languages. His current main focus is on the Private Decentralized Stable Currency and Open-source bank on a blockchain.

Anton Bukov - iOS/C++/Blockchain Engineer | Consensus Researcher

Involved in software development since 2002, experienced iOS Developer, worked deep with network stack of protocols, algorithms, compilers, disassemblers, profilers and etc. Current main focus is on blockchain crypto technologies and consensus problem solutions for crypto projects.

Sergej Kunz - Founder at Bulktrade | Co-Founder of CryptoManiacs

Experienced software engineer and developer with deep understanding of Java, JavaEE, Spring, Liferay, Angular, Cloud Foundry, Docker, AWS, Scrum, etc. Sergej was working in such companies as Commerce Connector, Mimacom, Bosch, Siemens, Porsche AG, Mobex Communications. Has 10+ years of experience, AWS certifitied, ETHackathons winner. Software architect and dApps expert.


  • April 2019

    zAlliance Mission

    zAlliance is a community of professionals that brings together experts and project teams, creating conditions for professional development and an environment for experience exchange in IT, Fintech, Blockchain areas in order to evaluate open-source culture, develop and improve blockchain projects and DApps, participate in different kinds of target hackathons and increase the interest of society to the tech side of new blockchain epoch.

  • May 2019

    zAlliance Purpose

    Our task is to unite the best teams and individuals for the digital transformation of the future world. Our goal is to attract the best experts of the market, to create a global competence platform for blockchain research and development process. zAlliance members develop and implement their own products and solutions that help to transfer the processes of public and commercial organizations in the digital blockchain world or to improve the existing. Moreover, being the member of zAlliance you are able to work on the common projects and ideas. The synergy effect will provide the high quality outcome to your portfolio and experience.

  • June 2019

    Structure Advantages

    - sharing the production capacity resources

    - risks reduction in different kinds of activities (tech, legal, reputation, etc)

    - getting access to each other's market and working on the common projects

    - transfer of technology, knowledge and know-how

    - conducting joint research

    - solving HR questions

    - support in common Grant applications and getting funding

    - the development and production of technically complex products

    - presence in target media

  • June 2019

    zAlliance First Initial Conference

    First zAlliance Members gathered to discuss to organisation rules and plans for future

  • July-August 2019

    Implementation of the first Common zAlliance Projects.

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